About the Duo

The duo constituted by Cristian Faig (flutes) and Marcos Pablo Dalmacio (guitar and historical instruments) originated in 2007, in Florianopolis city, Santa Catarina, Brazil, although it was officially formed in the year 2013, with the idea of exploring the sound and visual diversity that allows them to offer the various instruments they play: recorder, romantic and modern transverse flute, percussion, 6, 8 and 10 string guitars, romantic and renaissance guitars, lute and vihuela.  


This wide variety allows the duo to transit through six centuries of music history, ranging from works by the French and Spanish Renaissance of the sixteenth century until recent compositions written in the XXI century. In addition to this, the duo Cor dos Ventos has the participation of guest musicians for nineteenth century chamber music performances offered in first audition in Brazil and Uruguay. Among these collaborations it is possible to highlight the Brazilian violist Marcos Origuella and Romanian horn player Bogdan Antoane, with whom the duo performed Wenzeslaus Matiegka´s and Charles Dickhut´s serenades.

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