Dalmacio´s interest in composition arose from the very beginning of his musical studies at an early age and his formation in this area was developed in a autodidactic manner. He has several works premiered in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and United States for diverse instrumental formations. At the age of 15 he performed as a guitarist at the premiere of one of his first compositions. Shortly after, there was the first formal premiere of a work of his authorship by a professional chamber group: the Trío de la Universidad Nacional del Centro of Tandil that performed Dos Piezas para Trío con Piano, composed especially for the group, in 1998. The Orquesta de Cámara de Tandil performed his Dos Nocturnos, Opus 6 and Opus 7 for string orchestra, in November 2001.

In the years 2004 and 2006, he organized two concerts devoted entirely to his works of chamber music in Argentina. In 2004, three of his works were released: the Sonata para violín y clave Opus 4, the author himself playing the violin, the Aria para clarinete y orquesta de cuerdas Opus 9, together with the Canon para cuerdas Opus 4c; in 2005, his work Preludio & Fuga para clarinete solo Opus 11 was released in Argentina by Gabriel Domínguez Xodo, and there was the premiere of this same work version for cello solo, by Federico Damian Dalmacio, in Brazil, in 2006. In December 2010, Cristian Faig premiered and recorded his Sonata para flauta sola Opus 13 in Brazil.

Several Dalmacio´s Works were performed during 2014, such as his Aria para violín y orquesta de cuerdas Opus 9 (three concerts), the first audition in Brazil of his Nocturno Opus 6 for string orchestra (three concerts) and his Kyrie en Sol bemol Opus 16 (composed in 2014) for choir, flute and string orchestra (two concerts).

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